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5 Ways To Make Online Shopping Less Stressful

The world of online retail has taken off over the last decade, making it quick and convenient for shoppers to find the things they need, without leaving the house. But if you love shopping, you might be a little reluctant to leave your high street habits behind. To help you feel comfortable with shopping online, we’ve got some tips to make surfing the web for products an easier task.

1. Know What You Want

Online shopping isn’t an entire world apart from the high street. You rarely wander round town aimlessly without a goal in mind, so don’t waste your time doing the same thing online. Have a virtual shopping list in your head when you log in to your computer, to direct your search for something you really want or need.

2. Use the Sizing Guide

It goes without saying that when you shop online, you can’t try things on like you can on the high street. But this shouldn’t put you off. If you’re shopping for underwear or clothes online, keep an eye out for a sizing guide on the retailer’s website. This should provide the information you need about any generic sizes, to help you find something that fits perfectly, without trying it on.

3. Read the Reviews

When you're choosing where to shop keep a close eye on what you're buying and other customer's reviews. Reviews from real people who have bought and used what you're looking for can be invaluable in helping you to decide what's right for you. It's easy to dis-believe reviews that sound too good to be true, so look for independently verified customer reviews like we use here at Sandras-Online from Yotpo. Yotpo emails all of our customers after their goods have arrived and asks them to leave a review - this way we (and you) can be sure that only genuine reviews appear on Sandras-Online.

4. Check the Delivery Details

Before you commit to buying online, have a look at the delivery information to work out how much it will cost (if anything) to have it delivered, and when you should expect your order to arrive. Especially if you’re shopping for a special occasion or birthday present, you don’t want to be disappointed if your purchase doesn’t arrive in time. Keep a close eye on the expected delivery times, sometimes items can take longer to deliver if they are out of stock or on back-order.

Struggling to find the details? A delivery and returns page link can usually be found at the bottom of the website. If you can't find delivery information it might be a sign that the website you're shopping on isn't to be trusted.

5. Check the Returns Policy

Whilst you’re on that page, have a quick read of the returns policy, to know where you stand if the product isn’t quite right. How do you go about returning an item, and how many days do you have to change your mind? Follow our tips and in all likelihood you're going to love your purchase - but it's a good idea to know where you stand if you don't. If you can't find a clear returns policy on a website, the alarm bells should be ringing.

You might not be able to pick up and feel products from a laptop or tablet screen, but when you get to grips with online shopping you’ll soon wonder how anyone ever managed to trek through town for hours. Know what you want and be prepared to spend some time finding a great product at a good price, and you’ll soon fall in love with the freedom and convenience of online shopping.

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