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Choosing the right hosiery for every occasion

Skirts and dresses are the ultimate expression of feminine clothing, but are you reluctant to wear them because you don’t want to have your legs on show?

Whether you’re looking for something suitable for work, or you simply feel a little bare with nothing to cover your legs, there are plenty of options for hosiery to suit every occasion.


When you’re dressing up smart for work, it can seem a little inappropriate to have your legs on show. That’s why hosiery is a great option to help you look feminine without it being ‘too much’.

Tights are a traditional yet still very popular option for women of all ages, and are available in a range of colours to suit your skin tone or outfit. Go for a lightweight pair of 15 denier tights that you will barely notice beneath your work clothes, or feel comfortable in a higher denier if you happen to be self-conscious about your legs… or you’re simply prone to laddering tights!


Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you need to resort to trousers. Thicker denier tights will keep you warm without needing to change your work outfit or year-round wardrobe.

To add a splash of colour to your winter wear, why not experiment with patterned knitted tights, that will make a statement and jazz up your outfit. Thick footless tights are also a good option if you want something closer to leggings to wear under your skirt or dress. On a cold winter’s day, bare legs can be unbearable unless you have some tights to take the edge off.

With footless tights, you can wear those thick socks and boots as well as the outfits that you love. If you want to tuck and tone your body at the same time, you can even invest in some seam-free control leggings to look amazing whilst being incredibly warm and comfortable.

Evening Wear

Hosiery is a perfect way to complete your outfit on an evening. If you’re going somewhere special, you’ll want to look and feel great. Retro tights designs from the 80s have made a big come-back in recent years, and there are some nostalgic styles that you’re sure to fall in love with if you want to accessorise that little black dress with hosiery.

Stockings are also a fantastic way to make you feel fabulous for an important date. There's a wide range of hold-ups to choose from - everything from the simple but sexy to more eye-catching designs. Rediscover the benefits of quality hosiery by browsing the collection at Sandras-Online.

From warm winter wear to glamorous designs that will make you feel amazing in your own skin, we’ve got a range of tights, stockings and leggings to shape your look and complement that figure. So whether you’re looking for something suitable for work, or a way to make that new dress look even better, get shopping to find the right hosiery for your needs.

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