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How to Choose a Comfortable Bra

Last month, we put the spotlight on badly sized underwear. We explored reasons why your underwear might not be a good fit, and why finding the right bras and knickers for your body is so important. Bras are a key piece in any woman's wardrobe. A good bra offers support and comfort; and makes you look and feel great.

But there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to finding the right bra. Let’s take a look at how to narrow down your options, and choose a bra that is comfortable for you.

Know Your Size

When was the last time you got measured? Your body is constantly changing, even if you haven’t really noticed it. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, birth control and weight changes can all influence your breast size. Maybe your underwear is feeling a little tight. Maybe you’re starting to notice gaping areas in your bras. If that sounds like you it might be time to reassess your bra size.

If you’re measuring yourself at home, be sure to take both the underbust and overbust measurement. This way you will get your band size as well as your cup size. Have a read through our sizing guide if you’re not 100% sure on how to measure yourself the right way.

Suss Out Your Shape

Just because a bra is in your size, doesn’t mean it will fit well. From balcony bras to plunge bras, there’s a reason why there are so many different bra shapes available. To find a comfortable bra that you fill properly and looks good, it’s crucial to be aware of the shape of your breasts.

Again, this can change over time. Younger women tend to have more tissue at the top of the breast; as we get older, breasts tend to become fuller at the bottom. In this case, shallower cups such as balcony bras offer extra support. They also complement the natural shape of your breast and avoiding any gaping areas.

Women with larger breasts often feel more comfortable wearing an underwired bra. These will help to take that extra strain off your back. Control bras will give your bust extra definition, whilst reducing movement when out and about.

Invest in Quality

Our favourite pieces of underwear tend to be the oldest ones. Why? Because good quality bras and knickers will last the distance, giving you comfort and support for years to come. Although we're all tempted by a good bargain, it’s important not to cut corners when shopping for underwear. A quality cotton or lace bra will not only feel good, it will also withstand wear and tear to maintain its shape and appearance.

Prioritise comfort and choose a bra that fits perfectly the next time you upgrade your underwear drawer. Figure out the size and shape of your bust, and buy a high quality bra that’s tailored to your needs. Have a look through our bra range for some inspiration now.

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