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Is your underwear the right size?

Our bodies are constantly changing. As we go through life, our size, weight and even body shape can shift. Adolescents aren’t the only ones who need regularly measuring – as you get older, it’s essential your underwear keeps up with your development. And yet, as many as 1/3 of women in the UK are wearing the wrong size bra or knickers.

But how do you know if your underwear is the right size? Besides, why does it matter? Let’s take a look at where women are going wrong, and what a difference it can make if you look and feel good in your garments.

Does it make the ‘everyday underwear’ cut?

One of the easiest ways to distinguish between good fits and bad in your underwear drawer is to categorise them. Sort through your knickers and bras, filtering the ones you wear once a week, every few weeks, monthly, and less often.

It’s likely that your most worn items of underwear are the ones that are nearly threadbare, but oh-so-comfy. What is it about them that you love? And why don’t you wear the less popular items more often? Is it because you’re saving them for ‘best’, or because they’re uncomfortable? If the latter, it’s likely that the size or shape isn’t right for you.

Signs that your underwear is the wrong size

It goes without saying that chaffing and rubbing is a no-no with any underwear. First and foremost, your knickers and bras shouldn’t leave you feeling itchy or sore. This can occur when your underwear is too loose or tight; perhaps that retailer has different sizing, or your weight has changed. Alternatively, it could be due to poor quality design or materials.

Identifying comfortable bras and knickers

It’s not all about the size on the label: shapes and styles of underwear can be more suited to some women than others. Do you prefer a bottomless thong or protective cotton pants; wired or underwired bras; shaping underwear or thin and barely noticeable designs? Become aware of what you like and dislike in bras and knickers, to make buying new underwear easier.

Why does it matter?

There’s nothing worse than wearing a bra or a pair of knickers that doesn’t sit right under your clothes. You want to feel comfortable all day long, without having to adjust your bra strap, check for VPLs or shuffle everything around. This is why wearing the right sized underwear is so very important.

You don’t need to trek into town to get your measurements done. By using the sizing guide of your favourite retailer, you can work out what underwear is best for your body at home, in private. So you can invest in bras and knickers that look and feel fantastic, without an embarrassing fitting appointment.

We’ll be taking a further look at how to find the perfect bra and knickers over the next few months on our blog. In the meantime, Sandras-Online has a useful sizing guide to help you pick out some quality underwear that’s just right for you.

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