Update Your Wardrobe For Less This Black Friday

Update Your Wardrobe For Less This Black Friday

As Christmas fever starts to hot up, another occasion is fast approaching, one that you’re anticipating perhaps more than the magical day itself. Black Friday is a great opportunity to snap up discounts and deals; millions of people ready their purses for it, looking to save where they can on the 25th November.

If you’re in need of some fresh underwear, nightwear, and shapewear - be sure to check back with us over the coming weeks. We’ll get you kitted out for a fraction of the regular price, with a few of these ideas to play with:

Controlling your shape

Looking slimmer doesn’t always have to be an exercise in… well, exercise! By pulling on some comforting, flattering shapewear, your waist, tum, bum or bust will have a taut appearance that ensures you look and feel your best over the festive season.

The High Waist Control Thong from Bodyfit is a prime example of what can be worn daily for this purpose, without any irritation whatsoever. There aren’t any seams to speak of, meaning it doesn’t disturb the appearance of your outfit. Additionally, a silicone grip stops the fabric from bunching together, so you’re as svelte as can be.

Warm winter wear

Toasting yourself by the fire is all well and good, but draughts can pierce you from nowhere when you get up to make a coffee or put a meal together. Standard dressing gowns can prevent the chill, providing they’re fastened tightly, yet another kind of gown might be better for the depth of those dark nights.

We strongly suggest plumping for a fleece design this winter. The end of November signals a decline into proper, biting cold, and something like a Slenderella Ross Ladies Fleece Gown is a great countermeasure. Instead of a potentially loose wraparound, it features a zip for the fabric to hug your body.

Nightwear jackets

If you love sitting up in bed for long, scintillating hours of reading or watching TV with your partner, then you may not have discovered a smaller pinch of perfection for staying warm. A bed jacket is ideal for keeping your shoulders and upper body insulated above the covers.

Take a look at our Knitted Bed Jackets by Lady Olga, tied in an elegant ribbon below the neckline. Soft, pastel-shaded, and imminently wearable with a favourite nightie, their crochet stitching carries a hand-hewn element that should be savoured.

A classic aesthetic

Some brands have stayed popular for a clear, definable reason. Ultimately, it can be narrowed down to providing a unifying voice to thousands of women, since we all want a particular ‘look’ to be cohesive from head to toe, and everything underneath.

One of our premier designers, Naturana, knows this all too well. The brand’s range of underwear, girdles and suspenders are dashed with the sense of a classier age, making inspiring use of lace and cotton to craft items with timeless appeal and strong support.

Black Friday is the perfect time to stock up on winter warmers or bag a great deal on Christmas gifts for that special lady in your life. Now that we’ve run through our top picks this season, be sure to keep one eye peeled for the Sandras-Online sale on November 25th. Take a tour through the rest of our collection to see what might be up for grabs…


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