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Layer Up This Winter With Dressing Gowns And Night Dresses

The frost is starting to crawl over your windows, and there’s a definite bite to the air.

The earlier nights make you want to drift into bed clothes as soon as you get home. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

But a simple pyjama top isn't going to cut it at this time of year. Adding an extra layer will keep you warmer as the cold starts to bite. So instead of turning the heating up another notch, try another layer first.

Autumn staples

It can be hard to decide what to wear when the nights begin to draw in; the weather doesn’t demand thick layers just yet, but your summer dresses and pyjamas are no longer up to the task.

To ease yourself into the season, we suggest trying on the Thermal Micro-Fleece Short Sleeved Nightdress. A light and slinky design that retains your body heat while keeping your arms and calves cool, it looks stunning in blue or pink.

Covering up

Long-sleeved nightdresses are great for keeping nipping temperatures at bay as we head into winter. Even when the central heating goes on, you need a few extra comforts to stay snug.

We recommend the Slenderella Winceyette Brush Cotton Nightdress. With an elegant collar design, highlighted by the scooped stitching lines, this brushed fabric is a soft and stylish choice for relaxed evenings on the sofa.

Zip the warmth in

Thick, warm fleeces are one of the best things about winter, so you might be reluctant to switch into your nightwear when your day clothes are so cosy. A fine evening gown, like the Lady Olga Polar Fleece Dressing Gown, is the perfect way to layer up, with its zip-fastened front and side pockets. It slips easily over your nightdress or pyjamas with a slinky yet comfortable design.

Big and beautiful

Sometimes, you can’t beat a huge, cuddly dressing gown, offering unbeatable warmth on those days where it’s hard to peel yourself from the comfort of your bed. These plush gowns make perfect gifts for her this Christmas, or for yourself to help you embrace the frostiest of days.

We’ve picked out the Supersoft Velvet Touch Wrap Dressing Gown Robe. Featuring glorious faux fur and a generous, 48” length, it’s an irresistible choice for women who love to immerse themselves in comfort.  

We may be thinking fondly back to those summer holidays and slinky clothes, but don’t let winter get the better of you! Jack Frost has no place indoors, and these seasonal essentials will remind you of what makes winter so magical. Whether you’re stocking up on nightwear or shopping for Christmas gifts, Sandras-Online has a wealth of bras, underwear, dresses and gowns, so remember to layer up, and layer well.

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