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Bra Fitting Guide

Far too many women are wearing the wrong bra size.

This can affect your breasts by leaving them unsupported, and can also cause you to have poor posture as well. It’s important to give your boobs the support they deserve, and its easy peasy to measure yourself to get an idea of your correct bra size. Most of the brands here at Sandras use the traditional method of bra size measurement.

Step 1 – Measure under-bust

Get yourself a dressmakers tape measure (one of those soft ones). Measure the dimensions of your ribcage directly beneath your bust whilst wearing a bra you think fits you really well. The tape should sit on the lower band of your bra. Make sure that the tape is level at the front and back (use a mirror to help you) and that it is reasonably snug. Read the tape measure in inches. This is your under-bust measurement.

To calculate your band size, add 4 inches to your under-bust measurement. If it's an odd number - add 5 inches. So 27" is a 32 and 30" is a 34.

Step 2 – Measuring over-bust

Measure around your bust at its fullest point. Again, make sure it sits evenly all the way around you and is snug against your body. You will use the difference between this measurement and the band measurement we worked out previously is used to determine cup size.

Subtract the calculated band size from the under-bust measurement. Then consult the chart below to find the correct cup size for you. 

e.g. Under-bust measures 27" - so your band size is 32. Your over-bust measurement is 34". Subtract 32 from 34 to get a 2" difference.

Step 3 – Calculate Your Bra Size

Now compare the difference to the chart and find your recommended cup size:

0" = A
1" = B
2" = C
3" = D
4" = DD
5" = E
6" = F
7" = FF
8" = G
9" = GG
10" = H
11" = HH
12" = J
13" = JJ