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Packing for Travel: The Underwear Essentials

When you’re on the move in pastures new, you want to feel as comfortable and confident as possible in your clothing. Finding underwear that’s perfect for any occasion is a top priority when packing for travel.

Whether you’re heading on a city break, summer escape or travelling to a winter wonderland, every woman should invest in a few underwear essentials that will go the distance when out and about. These four must-have items are perfect for any occasion, temperature and style, so stock up before you jet off this year!

1. Comfortable Cotton Briefs

Those feel-good silky knickers might be great for a Friday night when you want to look and feel your best or impress your partner, but they may not be your favourite choice of knickers after a long journey. Leave the designer underwear behind for travel, and swap for a pair of traditional cotton briefs that will move and breathe with your body.

2. Short Sleeve Night Dress

Whatever the climate of your destination, it’s important to balance modesty with comfort when sleeping in a new bed. Packing your dressing gown is impractical, but you may get a little stuffy in pyjamas. A short sleeve night dress is the perfect thing to slip on after a shower, whether you’re in a hotel or an apartment with friends.

3. Non Wired Bra

Whilst many of us love the boost and lift that underwired bras give, they can get a little uncomfortable when on a long journey. The last thing you want to be worrying about is a chafe, especially if you’re in a hot country. Whatever size and shape your bust is, take a non wired bra away with you on holiday and you won’t regret it. From control bras to padded seam free designs, there is plenty of choice available to combine comfort with style, for a fit that will fill you with confidence.

4. Shapewear

We all like to indulge a little when away with family, friends and loved ones, but there’s nothing worse than feeling bloated and frumpy towards the end of a holiday. Quality shapewear can tuck and tone your body so that you can look your best in that special outfit, with flattering effects.

Whether you want to give your bottom a lift or you need some control for your tummy, shop around to find shapewear that will give you the freedom to enjoy yourself without worrying about an extra pound or two!

Missing any of these essential items from your underwear drawer? Shop online to get a quick fix before you jet off – Sandras Online has a wide range of underwear, shapewear and nightwear for women to suit every size and preference. So you can easily find the perfect travel basics that will keep you comfortable on the move, from the moment you leave the house to the minute you get home.

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