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4 Cool Tips for Your Underwear This Summer

The Great British Summer may not be renowned for scorching weather, but when the sun does shine through and you’re able to shed some layers, you want to feel cool and comfortable in your clothes.

You spend a lot of time and effort choosing a summer wardrobe but how often have you considered your underwear?

Your choice of summer underwear can make a big difference to how you feel during the warmer months. Here are some 4 tips for updating your underwear and nightwear for the summer.

1. Bras you won’t know you’re wearing (and nobody else will either)

When you want to look and feel good in your summer clothes, don’t let your bra collection restrict you. If you don’t want your bra on show when wearing strappy tops and dresses, invest in a strapless bra or low back strap.

You’ll be able to wear more revealing outfits without feeling conscious about your underwear. For comfort, choose cotton bras with less wiring and padding that won’t become uncomfortable during long days outdoors. If you’ve got a larger bust and need the extra support, a non wired control bra is a smart investment for summer.

2.Choose the right knickers to look and feel cool

Summer is a time for dresses and skirts, so avoid the dreaded VPL by choosing seamless knickers.

These won’t show through thinner materials and leave you feeling embarrassed. Thongs are much cooler for hot summer days (there’s a lot less material!) and virtually guarantees no VPL. A thong isn’t everybody’s cup of tea so if you want a little more protection then go for high legs or Brazilian styles.

3. Perfect summer legs with lightweight tights

You might not feel comfortable ditching tights altogether in the summer. Choosing a lower denier will give you confidence without getting hot and clammy on warm days. A pair of ladder resistant tights will prevent those annoying rips and holes from emerging when you’re in a hurry!

If you’re wearing a midi dress or skirt, consider a pair of stockings instead to keep your top half cooler whilst covering your calves. And for long skirts or trousers with nice summer sandals, a pair of anklets offers the perfect compromise between socks and bare feet.

4. Don’t sweat the bed, get your nightwear right

Your cosy pyjamas might be perfect for winter, but in the summer you need something a little cooler for night-time. Cotton sleepwear is lightweight and breathable for warm summer nights, so won’t leave you feeling stuffy on an evening.

A sleeveless nightdress is an ideal choice for holidays where you want something to throw on in your hotel room. From strapless bras for summer tops to cool nightwear for bedtime, there are plenty of ways in which underwear can work with your wardrobe to make you feel fantastic in the warmer months.

Don’t suffer in stuffy knickers and hosiery this summer, upgrade your underwear drawer with a few summer essentials. Our quality selection of cotton underwear and resilient hosiery will give you peace of mind when heading out in the sunshine, and ensure that you get a good night’s sleep too!

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