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Everything you need to know about knicker shapes

Women spend a lot of time and effort trying to find a bra that fits well, but when it comes to knickers many of us give a lot less consideration to the types of knickers available. Most simply stock up on the colour they like and size they need, instead of shopping for the shape of knickers that suit them best.

If you fall into this camp, take a moment to acquaint yourself with the types of knickers available. Shop for your shape and you’ll feel the difference with your next pair!

Classic Briefs

This traditional style of knickers sits on the waist, covering most of the bottom with a low leg line. When you invest in quality cotton briefs, these knickers are comfortable everyday essentials for your underwear drawer.

Full Briefs

If you prefer extra comfort and support, these types of knickers offer fuller coverage of the bottom and tummy. Many control briefs follow this shape, to help tuck and tone your body without the need for additional shapewear.

Bikini Briefs

On the other end of the scale, bikini briefs have thin sides that sit lower on the hips, giving you ample coverage on the bottom but less on the waist. As such, they are great for slim women who want to emphasise their curves.

High Legs

High leg briefs are similar to bikinis but, as the name suggests, they sit higher on the hip. Combined with a low leg line, they are flattering for both short women wanting to lengthen their legs, and slim figures.


With a discreet string at the back, thongs are ideal for those outfits where you want to avoid a VPL, as they provide no cover over the bottom. However their lack of coverage also makes them a risky choice for days when you need extra protection.

Brazilian Knickers

Striking the balance between the thong and traditional briefs, Brazilian knickers expose a small amount of bottom, and sit low on the waist. If you’re looking for a feel-good pair of knickers for that special outfit, these are a popular choice.


Shorts and hipster knickers are incredibly flattering for bottoms, combining full coverage with a low leg line that visibly lengthens those legs. Sitting comfortably on the top of the hip, they are great for any occasion.

Whether you’re shopping online for underwear or visiting a high street retailer, we rarely get to try knickers on before we buy them. So understanding the differences in the types of knickers available will ensure that you’re buying the right style for your body shape and outfit, rather than leaving it to chance. Know which knickers suit you best, and you’ll find underwear shopping a much easier task!

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