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Finding the Right Bra For Your Bust

Finding the Right Bra For Your Bust

Bra shopping can be a bit of a headache if you haven’t got your head around sizes, fitting and bra types. But if you want to be comfortable and feel good in your underwear, then it’s essential to get to grips with bra fitting and sizes as a woman. Whether you’re shopping for your first bra or feel fed up with wearing the wrong fit, Sandras Online is here to help with a short guide to finding the right bra for your bust.

Get Measured

An accurate bust measurement is the first step to getting the right fitting for your bras. You’d be amazed at how many adult women are wearing the wrong bra size: 8 in 10 women wear bras that don’t fit. Perhaps you are wearing a slightly smaller chest size with a bigger cup or vice versa, but once corrected you can really feel the difference. 

Besides, our bodies are constantly changing shape, and so a fitting that might have been right a few years ago could easily be wrong now. Get measured every once in a while before investing in new underwear, to ensure you get the best fit. You can pop into most high street women’s departments and get this done in person, or if you have a tape measure it’s easy to do it yourself. You’ll need these measurements to get an accurate fitting:

  • band size (below your breasts)
  • bust size (around your breasts and back)
  • above bust size

Classify Your Breasts

Numbers and measurements are all very well, but they don’t altogether help us determine breast shape, which can be a whole different ball game. Certain shapes are suited to certain bra types that can complement and support them best, so spend some time trying to classify your breasts in order to get the best fitting.

You might be lucky enough to have the archetypal breast shape that most manufacturers work to, which are full and round fitting your cup size perfectly. However few women slot into this model, so here’s an introduction to the rest:

  • Swooping/conical breasts – if your breasts conform to a cone-like or swooping shape, you need a bra that will emphasise the fullness at the bottom. Regular bras for conical breasts often gape at the top, so you should go for shallower cups. Fittings such as balcony bras and half cups are perfect for swooping and conical breasts.
  • Large breasts – if you’ve been blessed with big breasts then it’s vital to invest in underwire bras to support them in order to reduce sagging and stretching over time. Go for soft fabrics that work to the shape and feel more comfortable rather than gape at the top.
  • Small breasts – small breasts can look feminine and pert so wear them well with a bra that will complement them. Go for padded and push up bras that will add shape and definition to your cute curves. Rather than all round padded bras, choose ones that push up from the bottom to fill your cup.

If you still aren’t sure about your breast shape and classification, find a complete guide here that can help you determine the right fit for your bust. Once you’ve worked out your bra measurement and breast shape, it’s time to get down to the subject of taste and comfort.

Whether you’re looking for sexy fittings that will make you look and feel great, or want an every day bra that you’ll feel comfortable in around the house, there are plenty of bra types out there to suit every woman.

Non-wired vs Underwired

From lazy weekend wear to busy days on the go, non-wired bras can be much more comfortable. Softer and less constricting, they are perfect for women with smaller breasts who don’t need the extra support. Many women struggle to find an underwire bra that feels comfortable to wear throughout the day.

However if you get your bust measurements right and you shop for a quality bra, this shouldn’t be a problem. Underwired bras are thoroughly recommended for women with larger breasts, and even if you have a smaller bust they can provide support and shape that you won’t get from a non-wired bra.

Bra Styles

There’s a wide variety of bra styles out there, so get to know some of the key types before shopping for your next purchase:

  • Balconette/Balcony Bra – a lower cut fitting than a standard cup size, balconette and balcony bras are great for giving a full and rounded appearance to breasts of all shapes and sizes. Most have an upward push to give your bust a lift if your breasts are small, conical or saggy shapes. Meanwhile half cups have a similar effect whilst being a more traditional bra style.
  • Control Bra – if you do a lot of sports or have large breasts that need that extra support, control bras help to shape your bust whilst keeping it manageable for your busy lifestyle. Minimizer bras are also great for women wanting to draw the attention away from their cleavage.
  • T-Shirt Bra – a bit of padding can go a long way for smaller breasts, but sometimes you don’t want a bulky and fitted bra. T-Shirt bras are subtly moulded with a seamless finish that makes them great for strappy tops and tight dresses that won’t show their outline.

We could go on and on with the varieties of bras and breast shapes, but the important thing is to understand that each pair of breasts is unique. Get to know your bust and take the time to find the right fitting for you.

Then decide whether you prefer the freedom of a non-wired bra or the support of under wiring. After a little research you’ll be ready to shop for the perfect bra, so browse the full selection of bras and you’ll be sure to find one that suits your shape and taste.

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