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Picking the Right Pair of Knickers

Knickers are a staple of every woman’s wardrobe and should be carefully chosen. It’s not only a question of comfort - the right pair of knickers can flatter your figure and enhance your look.

Last month we focused on how to choose a comfortable bra. Just like a good bra, the right pair of pants will leave you looking and feeling great. Let’s explore how to pick the perfect pair.

Comfort Counts

Choosing the right size and a feel-good fabric will make all the difference. Make sure you know your size and be honest with yourself: it’s pointless squeezing into a smaller size if it will make you uncomfortable. Body size and shape can change frequently, so measure yourself often. We have a useful guide to help you spot if your underwear is the wrong size.

Getting it right is a balancing act. Knickers that are too tight can show curves we’d rather conceal, whilst loose pants can create an impression of folds that aren’t even there. The wrong sized knickers can pinch or sag, which will get very uncomfortable over the course of the day.

Don’t forget to consider the fabric. The wrong material will itch, rub or chafe. If you fancy silky smooth rather than cotton, then opt for pants with a cotton gusset. Cotton is more breathable and will improve your comfort throughout the day. It’s also worth considering how easy they will be to wash: is hand wash only going to be practical? 

A Fit that Flatters

From briefs to Brazilians, hipsters to high legs, the range of knickers on offer can be baffling. Choosing the right style will maximise comfort and flatter your figure. Full briefs and control pants can flatten your tummy and iron out any bumps; seamless pants or thongs will help you avoid a VPL. 

Think about which type of knickers will provide the most comfort whilst complementing your body type. Check out our guide to knicker shapes to help you choose the right pair for you.

Purposeful Pants

Pick the right knickers for your needs. Are you looking for something comfy, or a prettier pair for a special occasion? A simple lace trim looks lovely on everyday pants, whilst beautiful matching underwear can make you feel fantastic.

You should choose pants that mirror your wardrobe. If you tend to wear low-rise jeans and trousers, bikini briefs or hipsters will be a better bet than full briefs or high legs. Similarly, it’s worth investing in a thong or seamless pants for clingy, tight fabrics.

Don’t forget to consider colours: match knickers to your outfit or skin tone if you’re wearing something sheer. And if you wear pads, make sure you choose knickers with a wider gusset!

Most importantly of all, choose knickers that are well made and that will stand the test of time. A good quality pair of pants will look and feel good, and hold their shape better over time.

Grab some inspiration in our online catalogue. Browse our range of knickers to find the right fit.

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